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Neuropsychological Services LLC is a leading provider of neuropsychological testing and psychological evaluations located in Birmingham. Dr. Meneese is a well-known Clinical neuropsychologist and psychologist recognized for his thorough assessments, published works, research, leadership, and program development.

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Clinical Psychological and Neuropsychological Testing and Evaluation Services

Birmingham Neuropsychologist, Dr. William Meneese, provides the thorough neuropsychological and psychological testing you need, for every patient and every condition. Over the years, he has consulted with agencies such as the Social Security Administration and the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services, directed programs with Birmingham’s Lakeshore Hospital and St. Vincent’s Hospital, and more.

Neuropsychological Services Offered

Neuropsychological Services Offered

At Neuropsychological Services LLC, we provide the following neuropsychological and psychological testing and evaluation services:

  • Neuropsychological Testing/Assessment for Neurological Conditions (e.g., Mild Cognitive Impairment; Dementia; Alzheimer's Disease; Parkinson's Disease; MS; TBI; Stroke; Aphasia; etc.)
  • Psychological Testing/Assessment for general Mental Health Conditions (e.g., Depression; Anxiety; ADHD; PTSD; etc.)
  • Psychological Testing/Assessment for educational problems (e.g., Learning Disorders or "Dyslexia;" ADHD; etc.)
  • Pre-Neurosurgical Evaluation (e.g., pre-DBS implantation; pre-Lobectomy; etc.)
  • Pre-Surgical Evaluation for Chronic Pain Conditions (e.g., pre-SCS implantation; pre-Morphine Pump implantation; etc.)
  • Pre-Bariatric Surgery Evaluation (e.g., Gastric Sleeve; Gastric By-Pass; etc.)
Neuropsychological Testing FAQs

Neuropsychological Testing FAQs

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our Neuropsychological testing and evaluation services:

  • Dr. Meneese is a provider for Blue Cross, traditional government-managed Medicare, and Tri-Care. Dr. Meneese does not accept Medicaid, HMO's, Worker's Compensation, or Medicare Advantage type insurance policies. Cash Payments are also accepted. Dr. Meneese does not conduct medical-legal evaluations such as child custody evaluations, personal injury evaluations, or mental competency evaluations.
  • Clinical Neuropsychology is the study, assessment, and treatment of the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral sequelae of brain disease, trauma, or dysfunction arising from Neurological and/or Psychiatric Disorders.
  • Neuropsychological Testing qualifies and quantifies the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral sequelae of brain disease, trauma, or dysfunction. Conditions assessed include but are not limited to: Alzheimer's Disease, Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, Mild Cognitive Impairment, etc.
  • Psychological Evaluations are provided for assessment of all psychiatric conditions (ADHD, Learning Disabilities such as Dyslexia, Depressive Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, PTSD, etc.) and for pre-surgical evaluations for Bariatric (gastric sleeve; gastric bypass; etc.); Neurosurgical (pre-DBS implantation; etc.), and Pain Management (pre-implantation of pump or stimulator; etc.) patients required by most major insurance companies.
  • Dr. Meneese provides testing/assessment services for adults aged 18 - 100+ years. He does not provide services to children or adolescents younger than the age of 18 years.
  • Dr. Meneese does not provide counseling or psychotherapeutic services.

Neuropsychological Testing in Birmingham

Neuropsychological Testing in Birmingham

Neuropsychological evaluations are recommended for a variety of situations, conditions, and illnesses. Unlike psychological counseling, neuropsychological testing is a series of standard tests that evaluate the relationship between brain health and cognitive ability or behavior.

These psychological evaluations will review several different functions such as memory, cognition, motor function, and speech. Depending on your current condition, you should expect your testing to take several hours. Your results will then be compared to a control group of individuals with a similar age and background or compared against your own previous neuropsychological testing results. With these results in hand, Dr. Meneese will then provide a report outlining your condition, your mental and physical progression, and what affects your condition may have on your ability to function properly in your everyday life.

Your neuropsychological testing results will also include any treatment suggestions and are a very important tool for your Birmingham doctors and psychologists moving forward.

Preparing For Your Neuropsychological Evaluation & Assessment

Preparing For Your Neuropsychological Evaluation & Assessment

As you anticipate your upcoming neuropsychological testing, you may feel a certain amount of apprehension. This is normal, but you can have confidence in Dr. William Meneese, his experience, and care throughout Alabama.

Rest assured that a psychological evaluation is not the sort of test that can be passed or failed. The best thing you can do to prepare for your evaluation is get adequate sleep and rest the night before. Avoid any mood-altering substances like alcohol the day before your neuropsychological testing as well. If you are on any medications, consult with Dr. Meneese about whether you can take them as normal beforehand. Also, be prepared to discuss your treatment history for any current conditions and to talk about what your main needs and concerns are for the neuropsychological testing.

Depending on your current condition and symptoms, you may need to arrange for someone to accompany you for at least a portion of your testing in Birmingham.

Neuropsychological Honors & Memberships

Neuropsychological Honors & Memberships

Dr. Meneese is one of Alabama’s leading clinical neuropsychologists and clinical psychologists, providing neuropsychological testing and psychological evaluations.

Dr. Meneese has directed programs at Birmingham’s Lakeshore Hospital and St. Vincent’s Hospital. He has consulted with state and federal agencies including the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services, the Alabama Disability Determination Service for the Social Security Administration, the Federal Disability Processing Branch of the Social Security Administration, the Alabama Department of Corrections, and the Veterans Administration.

Dr. Meneese is a member of the National Academy of Neuropsychology, and the American Psychological Association, and served two terms on the Executive Committee of the American Psychological Association’s Division of Clinical Neuropsychology. His research has been published in various peer-reviewed professional journals and his current research is focused on neuropsychological testing development.

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If you or your patient are being referred for psychological or neuropsychological testing and evaluation in Birmingham and the surrounding areas in Alabama, you won’t find a neuropsychologist more experienced or thorough than Dr. William Meneese. Contact us now to schedule a short and confidential conversation about your needs.